Our discount policy is straightforward:

  • Order 10 or more of the same type of item and get 10% off those items.
  • Order 20 or more of the same type of item and get 20% off those items.
  • Order 30 or more of the same type of item and get 30% off those items.

By "the same type of Item" we mean you can mix and match different designs of, for example, patches. Again for example, if you order 12 Mini Patches and 24 desk flags of any design, you receive 10% off the price of the patches and 20% off the flags. Want 19 flags? Order one more in the same order and get 20% off all of them!

"Off those items" means the discount(s) is(are) applied only to the group(s) of similar items. That is, they are not applied to any other items in your order or to Shipping and Handling charges.

Your discounts are automatically applied; as you reach each new discount tier (10, 20, 30), the prices are adjusted accordingly.

So get together with your friends, family, neighbors, organization or whomever and combine your orders for some great deals. (Remember Shipping and Handling charges are for each Ship To address.)

This discount plan is exclusive of custom work and any other offers such as sale items. May be unavailable for some international orders.