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Why are flags flying at half-staff in the United States?


Vexillology and Associations:

FLAG IDENTIFIER Flag Identifier Find almost any flag by describing it.

NAVA NAVA The North American Vexillological Association

Student exchange organizations:

American Field Services Cultural Exchange Programs AFS Cultural Exchange Programs.


Foreign language study opportunities and organizations:

COFLT COFLT The Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching

ILISA ILISA Spanish School in Costa Rica and Panama

Volunteer vacation abroad programs:

GVN GVN Global Volunteer Network

Ethnic heritage organizations:

GVN All-Ireland Cultural Society (Portland, Oregon)

GVN SHF Scandinavian Heritage Foundation

GVN VASA Order of America

Sons of Norway Sons of Norway

Genealogy sites:

Ancestry "My Family"

International organizations:

United Nations The United Nations

Official logo of the OAS - Organization of American States The Organization of American States

US State Department The US State Department

The CIA World Factbook The CIA World Factbook

National Reconnaissance Office The National Reconnaissance Office

Population and statistical information:

United Nations US Population Reference Bureau

United Nations UK National Statistics

United Nations US Census Bureau

Other Organizations:

Oregon City Chamber of Commerce Oregon City Chamber of Commerce

Oregon City Chamber of Commerce Oregon City Business Alliance